So Ladies, Gentlemen and good folks please help us at Giving Hands raise as much money to help OUR NEW APPEALS 

Please donate anyway you see fit, you can come and visit our shop: Giving Hands, 68 Main St, Newbold Verdon, Leicester LE9 9NP by either purchasing our bargain items or maybe you want to donate some of your own items? Also you can donate via the donate link button on here, or calling into the shop etc. Either way all your help we do appreciate and supporting Giving Hands is helping to support Leicester's smaller struggling needs.

Here we show you where the donations from you are going. Unlike most fundraisers we like to keep our donator's in the loop just where all the money we raise is going to end up from start to end. Each quarter we with the suggestion of local people help to seek out and help raise funds for smaller charities and causes in need from the Leicester area. Once permission is granted from said organization we will spend the next three months raising as much as we can to help that individual cause as long as its based in Leicester and is in need of help and is supported correctly. Here at Giving Hands we like to focus on keeping our donations raised in the local area of Leicester and try to keep the spirit of Leicester alive by giving back. So as we already know how important you all are in been the biggest important cog to keeping Leicester fundraising alive, we always like to be open and honest where your donation is going, and here is where you can find out more info on the great causes we raise for.

Hi there good people, welcome to our fundraiser causes page.

We are now starting a collection for CICU in LRi children's department that need £20k to build 3 new sensory rooms 

more info will appear soon

email FAO: scott-----

may we bless the good news today from little Reggie's family and wish them well in the future and to know we at Giving Hands are always here to help. God Bless. 

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